BOTRA - BVOT Spring Symposium 2020 [CANCELLED - POSTPONED]

zaterdag 21 maart 2020
Provincieplein 1
3010 Leuven
, België

Dear participants, colleagues and friends,

The COVID-19 outbreak and its potential impact on society has changed dramatically over the past

few days. During the last week, we closely monitored federal guidelines and advices given by our

professional societies and experts on this matter.

In light of the recent developments and current situation it became very clear that there is no other

option than to postpone the forthcoming Spring symposium organised by BVOT – BOTRA on March

21st, 2020. Yesterday’s announcements of the Belgian Federal Government confirm this vision.

This is a disappointment for everyone involved, but as healthcare workers we can and may not

compromise the health of our co-workers and our patients as a whole. Thus, our decision to

postpone aims at minimising the health risks related to the spreading of COVID-19.

We are actively working on a solution on finding an appropriate date later this year and we will

provide more details and information as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding,

On behalf of BOTRA,

Dr. Cedric Depuydt


On behalf of BVOT,

Dr. Jan Noyez