BVOT Lentesymposium 2022

zaterdag 26 maart 2022
Koningin Elisabethlei 22
2018 Antwerpen
Vlaams Gewest, België

BVOT Lentesymposium


09.00 Welcome

09.05 Session 1
Providing orthopaedic care: obstacles and challenges - Moderator : Yves Fortems

The patient: how to define the value for patients?
Charlotte Fortems, Antwerpen

The general practitioner:  Expectations on quality
Stefan Teughels, Domus Medica

The orthopaedic surgeon : challenges  
Frank Plasschaert, Gent

The hospital : Clinical governance and administrative costs

How the government understands improvement of care  ?
Johan Kips, Ministerie van Volksgezondheid Brussel

Can focused clinics provide an answer ?
Kurt Hertogs, Antwerpen

10.23   Discussion
10.50   Break

11.20 Session 2
Value based orthopaedic care - Moderator : Thierry Scheerlinck

Orthopaedic care and the geriatric patient.
Siddhartha Lieten, Brussel

Streamlining care for the severe trauma
Philip Verdonck, Antwerpen

Facilitating out-patient care
Jens François, Aalst

Optimizing the flow for arthroplasty patients
Stefaan Van Onsem, Ignace Ghijselings, Eeklo

How to create an efficient OR and total care plan : practical tips and tricks.
Kristoff Corten, Genk

The carrot, the stick and the surgeon: Do financial incentives improve  care?

12.15   Discussion
12.45 : Lunch

13.45 Session 3
Management and Surgical leadership  - Moderator : Peter Verdonk

Leadership for surgeons
François Hardeman, Ieper

Efficiency in the OPD
Bart Dewulf, Deinze

Efficiency in  the OR
Olivier Vanderhaeghen, Genk

Handling social media
Liesbeth Legiest, Nationale Orde der Artsen

Bedside manners
Jan Noyez, Roeselare

14.45   Discussion

15.10   Closing Remarks

15.30   Networking moment

16.30   End